About US


   In the fall of 1991, two brothers began a venture into the fast paced long-distance business out of Naperville, Illinois. The business started as a Sales Agency representing several different telecommunications companies including AT&T, Sprint, MCI and Qwest. Over time, however, the business was so successful that the Agency became a resale telecommunications provider and began serving customers directly. There have been several acquisitions since 1991. Some name changes along the way, and much success.

   VoiceWalker and its affiliated companies have grown to provide services to in excess of 26,000 customers nationwide. VoiceWalker has offices in Woodridge, IL, and La Center, Washington with sales representation in California, Colorado, Oregon, Illinois and Washington and is expanding nationwide.

   VoiceWalker is a full service telecommunications provider; we have our own in-house billing, customer service and provisioning groups. We do not "outsource” any of these services. When you call Customer Service, you are talking to the people who can help you address any issue or question you may have related to your VoiceWalker products. VoiceWalker and its affiliates currently offer service in all 50 states. Our services include traditional Long Distance, traditional CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) Local Service throughout Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, and our premier service; Digital Voice Advantage. Digital Voice Advantage is our suite of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products designed to serve the Small to Medium Business (SMB) market as well as a strong, high quality consumer plan.


Success Story:


   VoiceWalker is a real success story in what has been an industry that has been plagued by dramatic ups and downs, driven both by the bursting of the Internet bubble in the mid "90's" as well as dramatic swings in Government regulations affecting the delivery of Local Service.  Additionally, increased competition for market share from Cell Phones to Voice over IP adversely affected some long distance providers. These factors actually forced many  providers right out of the industry.  Competition also forced service providers to reduce rates to such a level that the remaining margin, in many cases, would not allow for enough to cover the expenses necessary to stay in business. While that was true for many, VoiceWalker has managed to remain profitable, and has, in fact, thrived during this period of uncertainty in the market.


   Voice over IP has provided VoiceWalker with the ability to more effectively control costs both internally, as well as its cost to provide service. We are passing these savings on to our customers in the form of inexpensive, high quality services. Our customers save as much as 45% or more using Digital Voice Advantage as opposed to standard Local Exchange Carrier Pricing. According to  VoiceWalker, "the only way to stay in business, profitably, in today's business environment, is to closely manage expenses related to getting your product in front of customers. That includes not just employee expenses, it also means controlling your office expenditures, communications expense, marketing and other business related expenses. Our Digital Voice Advantage suite of Voice over IP services gives our customers the ability to do just that”.

 VoiceWalker offers FREE, no obligation side-by-side comparisons between your current program across Long Distance, Local Service and Internet Service. We also provide new phones to customers whose existing phone systems need replacing. In most cases, we can provide brand new phones for no cost up-front.

   All in all, we believe it is TIME to TALK DIGITAL, and move into the future of communications. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.


We thank you for your interest in VoiceWalker. Feel free to contact us directly at 877-799-3315 or email us at info@voicewalker.net