Home Office

Home offices have unique needs:

VoiceWalker's Digital Voice Advantage product suite is the ticket. Steve H. asked our Sales representative to help him set up his office to do both Fax as well as Local Service,  help him be more "green" and save money while making his small business "look more like a big business".

1.  Fax-Go Green while saving money!

VoiceWalker's eFaxPLUS product saves money by eliminating the need for a land-line to support fax calls. In addition, it helps Steve to be more Green by eliminating the use of ink and paper. His faxes come in to his email and he can send them on without ever having to copy them or put them in a machine.

2.  Local Service, cost savings!

With Digital Voice Advantage Bundled Service, Steve received local service at a significantly lower cost than his land-line service. In addition, with the bundled option, he received a new phone with more features than he could get with his current provider for no up-front money.

3.  Small but feeling bigger!

By using Digital Voice Advantage, Steve was able to establish a professional sounding greeting and a quality call flow that took his inbound callers to exactly where they needed to be. One of those places was his outsourced customer service group that was located halfway across the country. The transition is seamless and at no cost to him because his customer service group is using VoiceWalker as well, so the calls between them are free. He was also able to customize his Caller ID so when he called outbound, his company name and 800 number displayed instead of his local number.