Small Business Application

Small Business Application

Small Business owner, Joe, has a GROWING small business and wanted VoiceWalker to help with three primary objectives:

1. Save Money !

We replaced his existing land lines with VoiceWalker's Digital Voice Advantage and he saved 39% over his "old" phone company.

2. Improve Customer Communication.

Joe's company showed up in his clients Caller ID with his name and his toll free number making it easier for his clients to call back.  We also replaced his fax machine with an e-Fax so he saved money by disconnecting his fax line. Now, he sends and receives faxes with his PC saving on both paper and ink supplies. It's a green choice.

3.  Keep his current phones and numbers.

With Digital Voice Advantage, Joe didn't have to change his brochures or ads because he kept his existing numbers and he didn't have to learn some new complex phone system because he was able to keep the phones he and his employees were used to using.

4.  Added a remote employee in 24 hours.

While Joe didn't ask us to help him with this, our Account Executive found out that he wanted to expand but couldn't afford the space. Within 24 hours, VoiceWalker was able to set up a remote employee at no up-front cost to Joe!

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