Business Voice and Internet Access

Business Voice and Internet Access

VoiceWalker's Sales Executive was asked by a small business owner to help him reduce his overall costs associated with communications and Internet Service. He was spending $500.00 per month in Long Distance. He also indicated that his phone system simply could not support his day-to-day business and was to expensive to maintain and grow. He had 8 employees, one Internet T-1, 10 business lines, and a small key system.

1.  Save Money!

Using Digital Voice Advantage Bundled Hosted Service, we were able to save this business owner 25% per month as compared to his current Local Service provider.

2.  Saved Money on Internet Service!

After evaluating the customer's actual Internet usage, VoiceWalker replaced the T-1 with high speed (6meg/1 meg) DSL service for a savings of $300.00 per month. 

3.  New Phone System!

VoiceWalker replaced the old phone system with up to date IP phones on each employees desk. At no up-front cost to the customer.

4.  Reduced Long Distance Expense!

After reviewing the customers long distance bills, VoiceWalker's highly trained Sales Executive was able to reduce his cost of long distance from his current .053 per minute rate to .022 per minute on VoiceWalker's Bundled Hosted Service; a 58% savings resulting in $292.00 per month in savings! Contact VoiceWalker to see how we can do the same for you!