Trunk Replacement


  • Retain your existing PBX or Key Telephone Systems, while taking advantage of lower cost IP Service.
  • Replace your current local access lines and data connections with a single, high-speed Internet connection.
  • Seamlessly CONVERGE your VOICE and DATA traffic onto one communications path.
  • Experience the advantages of IP technology while enjoying potentially huge savings.


  • Investment Protection -No need to replace your phone system. Integrate your existing phone system with state-of-the-art IP technology.
  • Superior Quality - Quality of Service (QoS) access devices monitor voice and data traffic to assure outstanding voice calls.
  • Improved Cost Performance – Lower  "line" costs, dedicated Long Distance rates and free calling between your on-net locations.
  • Network Optimization - Combine your local access and Internet connection onto a single circuit. Reduce administration and overhead costs while increasing efficiency.
  • Greater Flexibility – VoiceWalker provides you a flexible IP-based solution with easy growth of local access lines and virtually unlimited capacity for local and long distance calling. Add a remote location in hours as opposed to months.