What Router Should I use for VoIP?


There are many answers to this questions but it really depends on your current configuration or needs. We have been successful using Edgemarc as well as Mediatrix and Adtran. The answer really comes down to the end-user configuration. Pretty much any router will work with VoIP provided you have the premise based phone system interface with some form of Network Interface Device (NID), or ATA before it hits the router. These pieces of equipment will make the transition to SIP from an existing Analog Key-system or Hybrid or Digital PBX, thus allowing the call to be routed over the Internet. Most Routers will pass this through no problem.

Where things get sticky is when you need to balance the usage on the Internet circuit between Voice traffic and "Data/Internet" traffic. If you do not balance or "groom" the usage on the circuit, it is possible that a large download or upload from a data user can override or cut off a voice conversation. Controlling this issue falls under the term QoS or Quality of Service. Most new routers are being built today to offer at least some control over voice and data packets.

Some NID's and ATA's have the ability to do some grooming or "QoS tagging", where voice traffic is identified to the device and given priority over data packets,  such as the Mediatrix 4108, but do not function as routers so you would still need to have a router between the NID or ATA and your Internet connection. Others, such as the Edgemarc 4508E have QoS functionality while at the same time; they act as your router. Therefore you can use just one device instead of two. The two devices I mentioned here are specifically designed to support an 8-line or fewer user, back to my original statement, "it depends on your current configuration or needs".

My recommendation is to go to the experts here at VoiceWalker. We uprovide most devices and have a full staff of technicians that will do a pre-purchase review with you to go over the application to ensure you are optimizing your purchase and getting exactly what you need.