What happens if the internet goes down and I'm using Voip?


That’s a good question. Does your Internet drop often? Who is your current provider? You may want to look into a new provider if it does. Most companies with a solid provider rarely experience outages that are of any significant length. Minutes as opposed to the hours many of us have experienced in the legacy PSTN.

The reality is that VoIP requires Internet to work, In the same way that you need your local lines to work today. If either service breaks you can’t make calls. Right? What do you do today if the phone lines go down? It’s likely the answer is “nothing”, or “call the phone company from our cell phone" and "ask for service or report the outage", etc. One of the things about VoiceWalker's service that is very enticing is that we are able, with the added features you get from Hosted PBX via VoIP or in many cases even with basic SIP Trunking service, is to have a disaster recovery plan that would let all phone calls be routed to an alternate number, either a cell or alternate office location. This would work in both a power outage and loss of internet. It can be set up as an automatic fail-over or, you may not have set this up ahead of time but we give you the ability to log in to a web portal and implement a change on your own as opposed to having to wait for someone to do it for you. You can do this from a cell phone internet connection, a lap top while sitting at Starbucks etc.

Equally as important is that, depending on the service you get from VoiceWalker, each individual that has a Direct Number can choose to route thier calls based upon thier own unique needs. Try THAT one on the PSTN!