What benefits can I expect when I move to VoIP?

At VoiceWalker, we provide expert installation and support. Both the initial product and the subsequent support is what continues to set VoiceWalker apart from other providers.

When you choose VoiceWalker, you are guaranteed a service that provides:

  • An affordable monthly service fee instead of a huge capital expense
  • Reduced or eliminated TELCO circuit expenses
  • Greater flexibility in use of inbound telephone numbers
  • Bundled long distance minutes that greatly reduce toll call costs
  • Seamless communication even when users are in different locations
  • Equipment that won’t become outdated and worthless
  • Service that is simple to expand without the usual time or expense
  • Easy and inexpensive means to add telephone numbers for other local markets
  • Support and integration with cell phones and smart phones
  • Support sending your business faxes to email

These features have been designed with the small business owner in mind and offer users flexibility at affordable prices. With a properly installed and designed Hosted VoIP System, running your small business will be more efficient and your communication costs will be greatly reduced. Additionally, when you work with a company such as VoiceWalker, any worries about repair and maintenance costs are virtually gone, and any software, application, or equipment upgrades will usually occur without cost to existing subscribers.

Regardless of the features and options you are most concerned about incorporating into your business’s phone system, a company that provides excellent VoIP service is a great means for securing whatever is it that your business needs to communicate better.