Helping the Green Movement with VoiceWalker

Structural builders focused solely on Green practices have emerged today as greener living becomes a critical focus across the world. From taking small steps to reduce waste, to more efficiently using earth’s resources, green builders are tasked with selecting building materials and creating structures that serve to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Green builders focus on more conscious use of natural resources and green practices from the design, construction, operation and overall life of the structures they build. Builders are beginning to do their part in reducing Carbon Emissions.

By working with VoiceWalker you can do the same!

Here at VoiceWalker, we are trying to do our part as well. Virtually all of our internal paperwork is generated and processed electronically. All of the orders from our sales force are processed electronically as well. Generally, there is only one-to-three pages printed on paper for a customer’s signature. Once complete, the paperwork is scanned and from there on out it stays electronic.

We have also taken the position to offer, as our primary fax product, Electronic Fax (eFax). We are currently offering this service FREE in return for a chance to show you the benefits of VoIP Service for your business.  This allows you and your customers to fax back and forth between each other without ever having to have a document printed out on a traditional fax machine. The faxes appear as PDF attachments to your email.  It’s clean, It’s green and it’s economical!