Can VoIP replicate Traditional Local Service in the home?

Depending upon how it is installed in a home, VoIP can virtually replicate traditional phone service. It is important to note that with VoIP, however, there is an additional piece of equipment that is required to make it possible for calls to be placed over the Internet. This device, called an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA), can be set up so that you plug one or two phones into it and then have your Internet connection plugged into that.  Unlike traditional service, this sometimes means that you need to have the phone in the same room as the Internet connection, or you have to run a phone line from the phone to wherever the ATA is. In some cases depending upon how the home is wired, the ATA can be plugged directly into a phone jack and all of the phones will ring as they had before. A simple set will determine if you have that. (Simply plug the Internet into the ATA and run a line from the “phone” connection on the ATA, to a phone jack, make a test all. If it rings all the phones you are good)!

If that does not work, luckily, there are several ways to get around this issue. One option is to take a wireless base unit–which is relatively inexpensive, and plug the base unit into the ATA where the Internet connection is located. Then you are free to use several wireless units in additional rooms. Another option is to pay to have the ATA wired into your home’s phone lines where your traditional lines come into your house, and have it connected with the Internet line. Afterward, all of the phones can ring exactly the same way they do today.

With the right provider, installing a VoIP system that meets your family’s needs is simple. And once the system is in place, you can start sending and receiving calls faster and clearer than before at a significantly lower cost than you are probably paying for your current home phone line. Who wouldn’t want that?